Lots of people go to tanning salons and don’t have skin cancer, so it must be safe, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. The lamps in tanning beds emit two types of rays that are not very friendly to the skin: UV-A rays and UV-B rays. According to the National Cancer Institute, UV-A and UV-B rays from both natural and artificial sources increase the risk of skin cancer development.


While many people prefer to go to a tanning salon in order to develop and maintain a youthful glow, the tanning beds they use can give you the opposite effect over time. Prolonged exposure to tanning bed lights can eventually lead to skin that is wrinkled, leathery, and far from youthful. Frequent sunburns can also cause the same undesirable effects on the surface of the skin.


Choosing not to use indoor tanning beds doesn’t mean you can’t still get a healthy, sun-kissed glow whenever you want. There is an alternative to using a tanning salon. Spray tanning is a safe method that can darken your skin almost instantaneously. This convenient tanning method works by covering the skin with a sprayed-on solution that contains a browning agent called dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

spray tanning

Spray tanning doesn’t emit any harmful UV rays, and it delivers immediate noticeable results. When done by a professional, a spray tan delivers natural-looking, seamless coverage that is nice and even. A spray tan is the perfect solution for those who care about the health of their skin but still want to maintain a beautiful tan year-round.